CAIRNS part 2.

When you mention Cairns it's likely that most people will immediately think of the Great Barrier Reef, so that's where I'll begin. The city is often called "the gateway to the reef" and with good reason. Hundreds of boats leave the harbour every day, sailing 45-90 mins to snorkel and dive sites showcasing a plethora... Continue Reading →


CAIRNS part 1.

It feels like a long time ago that I sat in a cafe much like the one I'm in right now, with my notebooks and diaries around me on the table, and I started this blog. I managed five posts before I was swept up into the joy of travelling and the lack of routine.... Continue Reading →

Week One: SYDNEY

March 20th 2017 - a cold and rainy 6am in Heathrow, and I was on my way to Terminal 4. First leg of the journey to Abu Dhabi took 7 hours and I was very comfortable sat next to a lovely couple, and watching films (I really recommend Moana, if anyone is interested.) I wasn't... Continue Reading →

when one door closes

The months before leaving England were hectic and emotional. I tried to fit as much in as I could whilst also organising my Australia trip down to the minute details. I am still dehydrated from all the crying, and I have a nerve spasm in my lower back from the stress, but I finally made... Continue Reading →

The most wonderful time of the year

2016 has reduced the world to a state of sheer panic and desperation. America is doomed, genocide is just another ignored news item, and we lost Alan Rickman. When all hope for the year seemed lost, along comes Christmas. I think everyone NEEDS Christmas this year. We need the joy, even if its forced at first.... Continue Reading →


November. This season marks a different sort of happiness to the vitamin D enriched days of summer. Tricolour trees, jumper weather, leftover pumpkin. Britain is now doing what it does best - cold weather and lots of rain. But we take great joy in putting the heating on ("a week later than last year!"), snuggling... Continue Reading →

That Itch

Its been 5 1/2 years since I left home and set off on my First Big Adventure; 5 months touring South East Asia, with my boyfriend at the time. After escaping secondary school and before stepping into the fantasy world of university, we decided (and were urged by both sets of our parents) to experience... Continue Reading →

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